New Vine Baptist Church
Charles City, VA
Since 1870

2017 Church Calendar

Each Sunday:  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Praise Service 10:45 a.m.; Morning Worship at 11:00 a.m.

Third Sundays:  Holy Communion

Wednesdays:  Bible Study and Prayer at 7:00 p.m.

Other services and programs as noted each month.

Sunday Date                                        Month                                                            


2nd                    8th                    Star of East Scholarship at Rising Mt. Zion Sandston 3pm

            Mon   16th                    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Observance) CCHS


2nd        Sun   12th                     America for Christ Offering

            Fri        17th                  Ministers, Deacons and Wives Dinner @ Blue Heron 7p

4th        Sun    26th                   Black History Program 8:30am, 11:00am.

                                                11:00 Am., Dr. Ralph Reavis  


            Sat       4th                    Men and Young Men Brunch 10:00am.

2nd        Sun      12th                  Daylight Savings Time Begins

            Sat       11th                  Church Leadership Conference VUU

            3rd        Sun      19th      Senior Choir Anniversary


            Sat       1st                    Co-Ed Seminar

            Sat       8th                   SOE One Day Session, Mt. Nebo

2nd        Sun      9th                    Palm Sunday/Male Chorus Anniversary 3:00pm.

3rd        Sun      16th                  Easter Sunrise @ St. John;  Regular Service at 9:30am.

4th        Sun      24th                  Youth Revival, Lunch at 1:00pm.

Evening Service 2:30pm. Rev. Marcus Martin and New Bridge Baptist; Mon. Rev. Marcus Martin. Need Choir.

Tue-Wed. Rev. Brian Nicholson.  Need Choir.

                                                Nightly Service 7:00pm. Mon-Wed


1st        Sun      7th                   Family and Friends Day 10:30

                        13th                  Women’s Lunch

2nd        Sun      14th                  Mother’s Day and Women’s Day

            Sat       20st                 CCCCC Closing Picnic  Harrison Park


1st        Sun      4th                    Pentecost  Samaria Baptist Church 4pm.

                        4-9th     Hampton Ministers’ Conference

2nd      Sun      11th                 Church 147th Anniversary 2:30pm, Dr. Johnnye

                                                Massenburg-Johnson, First Bethel Baptist Church            

3rd        Sun      18th                 Father’s Day and Men’s Day

4th        Sun      25th                 Usher’s Anniversary

                        26th                  Vacation Bible School


                                                Pastor’s Vacation

3rd        Sun      16th                  Mt. Zion Baptist Church 3:pm Hon. Mattie Trower

            Mon     31st                  Clergy Night; Star of the East Baptist Assoc. 


Tue      1st-3th   Star of the East Annual Session @ Gilfield Baptist Church

1st        Sun      6th        New Vine to Liberty Homecoming

            Mon     7th        New Vine to St. John Revival

            Wed     16th      New Vine to Samaria Revival

3rd        Sun      20th      Homecoming   Afternoon Service 2:30pm.

Rev. Tait and St. John Baptist Church

            Mon 21nd         Rev. George Magazine and Mt. Zion Baptist Church

            Tue 22nd         Bishop Thomas T. Adkins, Sr., Flaming Sward

            Wed 23rd        Dr. Ray McKenzie and Gravel Hill Baptist Church    

                                    Prayer and Praise, Mon 7:00pm., Tue-Wed 7:30pm.

                                    Regular Worship Service 8:00pm.


2nd        Sun      10th      New Vine to Jerusalem Homecoming 3:00pm

            Sat       16th      Star of East Picnic, Dorey Park 12noon- 4pm.

3rd.       Sun      17th      Praise Dance Ministry 3:30pm.


                                                Clergy Appreciation Month

1st        Sun      1st       Inspirational Chorus Anniversary 3:30pm.

Fri and Sat 6th-7th                 ABCOTS Area 45th Annual Session

2nd        Sun      8th        Pastor Sailes Anniversary, Antioch Baptist Church

4th        Sun      22nd      New Vine to Flaming Sword 3:00pm

5th       Sun      29th      Missionary Day .


1st        Sun      5th        Daylight Saving Time ends

2nd        Sun      12th      Pastor’s 25th  Anniversary

                                    AM Service:  Del. Rev. Delois McQuinn

                                    Lunch 1:00pm.

                                    Afternoon Service:  2:30pm.

                                    Dr. James Sailes and Antioch Baptist Church

4th        Sun      26rd      Youth Choir Anniversary 3:30pm.


3rd        Sun      17th     Christmas Program 3:00pm.

            Sun      24th      Candlelight Service, 6:00pm.

            Sun      31st      Watch Night Service, 10:30pm. 

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