New Vine Baptist Church
Charles City, VA
Since 1870

                   New Vine Baptist Church

The New Vine Baptist Church was organized in July 1870.  It all began when a few families living at Westover Plantation were holding prayer services from house to house.  Then Mr. Major Drewery, who was the plantation owner, offered the families living there a piece of land on which to build a church. Several families, including some from Elam Baptist Church (Ruthville) and First Baptist Church (Bermuda Hundred), accepted Mr. Drewey's offer.  They picked a spot about 600 feet from the Herring Creek, built a church and gave it the name New De Vine Baptist Church.  As the years passed, the name New De Vine was dropped and the church was given the name New Vine Baptist Church.

This is a place where loving, learning, worshiping and witnessing all come together to bring glory to God.  It has been said by many that the warmth of the people and the presence of the Spirit bring about the reality of "WELCOME". 

Rev. Dr. Burrell A. Smith, Jr.

 Associate Ministers
First Lady Rev. Sabrina W. Smith
 Rev. Barbara A. Brown
Minister Jefferson Brown
Rev. Roger Cox 
Minister Calvin Taylor
Minister Victoria Washington

Sister Frances B. Jefferson

Sister Kimberly Brown

Gracelyn Brown
Michael Brown
Joseph Crump
Benjamin Ghee
Freddie Ghee
Carlton Jones
Henry Miles
 Louis Paige
Anthony Pettaway
Donna Pettaway
Michele Smith
Trevis Smith

Christine Allen
 Ruth Crump

Chandra Ghee

Luther Adkins
Thomas Adkins
Byron Cox
Judy Crump
  James Ghee
  Mike Hill
Andrew Jefferson
William Lewis
Kermit White

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